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Al Cobra for marble and granite factory Located in Shak althoa’ban Egypt considered as one of the largest factories in the Middle East We are equipped with modern equipment using skilled labor capable to meet all requirements Al Cobra for marble and granite We adjust the quality of production by sorting colors and quality of manufacturing to ensure the highest level claimed

Egyptian Triesta marble tiles

EgyptianTraventine | Marble Walls | Marble tiles

Egyptian TraventineMarble Walls | Marble tiles

It is considered as the most hard, strong Egyptian stones.
It is distinguished with the perforations spread among the surface of the marble.
But despite these perforations and holes it is categorized as one of the strongest types of Egyptian marble.
Ancient Egyptians used Traventine in building dams and bridges on the rivers.
Also used in walls , monuments and destinations of museums and temples.

Egyptian Traventine

Egyptian Marble Breccia | Marble Walls | Marble tiles | Marble floors

Egyptian marble Breccia is considered as the best types of Egyptian marble.
Used in walls and staircases, and floors.

It also evinced strongly in lathing products, vases , antiques,
The Egyptian marble Breccia main color is Beige.

And it correlates smoothly with different interfering colors.

Egyptian Breccia is not affected by water.

It is present and shown in monuments and destinations of museums and temples.

Egyptian Marble Breccia