Egyptian marble Galala Tiger | Types of marble | Marble tiles | Exporting Granite

Egyptian marble Galala Tiger | Types of marble | Marble tiles | Exporting Granite

Egyptian marble a beautiful , attractive natural material that adds luxury to your place. Egyptian marble and granite can be used in different places internally and externally

Egyptian Marble Galala tiger

Is a limestone composed of layers and accumulation of sand rocks and differs from other types of Egyptian marble due to its sand color obtained thousands of years ago. Because of its beige color, it is highly recommended in floors, staircases and exterior facades

marble tiles

Al Cobra for marbleand granite factory Located in Shak althoa’ban Egypt considered as one of the largest factories in the Middle East We are equipped with modern equipment using skilled labor capable to meet all requirements Al Cobra for marble and granite We adjust the quality of production by sorting colors and quality of manufacturing to ensure the highest level claimed

Egyptian marble berccia

Egyptian marble tiles

Egyptian granite tiles

Egyptian granite staires

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